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Would you prefer to speak french or german when you are in Paris negotiating with french businessmen?


Why is it that so many people don't care about their "language" at their working places nor at home? Learn more about the extended "non verbal language" and dramatically increase your understanding and make yourself better understood. It is easier and more important than you may think, and extremely powerful!


Communication and EQ is the key, to become successful!


Yccess AB offers a variaty of skills and services, please find more below. We work in close cooperation with selected companies and individuals with top of the line additional and overlapping skills to ensure best solution and to secure delivery.





Skills and knowledge transfer. What would it be worth to your company if you could keep the skills and knowledge when your key people leaves the company? We can do it! Call us!


Infrastructure Project Management & Support, and Lobbying. Special skills and vast experiances within fiberoptics, submarine cable projects, 3G/UMTS projetcs, gas/biogas, AXE10, Business Process Reengineering and Change Management.


Special missions. Support the employer with different kind of communications missions, internally & externally, individuals & groups. "Mission impossibles" are the favourites. Successfully implemented thousands of different kind of information meetings, some of them with a very aggressive audience, most of them with a need to manage worried, disappointed and frustrated people. Even vast experiance from managing politicians, reporters, authorities, officials and oposing groups in infrastrucure projects.


Conflict Management. Internally & externally, individuals & groups, vast experiance in conflict managemet from the above different kind of projects. Often connected to processes within change management.



Workshops & Seminars


Communication training, behavior, body language, core values, different styles, emotional intelligens. Develops the communication skills, eliminates poor communications that leads to internal problems and issues. Developes individuals and groups. Cohesion is one of the results from the workshops, increased profit is another one.


Presentation & Public Speaker Training.
Executive, basic and advanced.


You will learn to:


  • Speak effectively to groups of any size,
  • Conquer stagefright, nervousness and anxiety,
  • Look and sound your absolute best,
  • Take control of a room and command attention,
  • Use body language to enhance your message,
  • Learn about different communication styles,
  • Control question and answer sessions,
  • Employ visual aids for maximum impact, and
  • Persuade your audience to believe in your ideas and take action


Tests & Analysis


Extended DISC. Analysis of your behavior, communications styles, including feedback and a report. Important tool for individual and group development and team building.


Also available in "360" and group analysis.


EQ-i BarOn. The leading tool for EQ Test of your 15 most valuable dynamic abilities, including feedback and an individual development plan. Important tool for individual develpment and a powerful intrument in the recruiting process. Used by US Air Force for example.





Coaching. Individual & group. EQ/communication, Career, Life.





Lectures within the area of inspirations and development with focus on EQ and personal effective communication. A number of different lectures are available.





Sounds interesting? Please give me a call and find out more. I look forward to hear from you.

You will find me on bo.yxe@yccess.com

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